Thermal Unit Commitment Including Optimal AC Power Flow Constraints

Murillo-Sánchez, Carlos | Thomas, Robert J. | Power Systems - Monitoring and Performance
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C. Murillo-Sánchez, R. Thomas
Proceedings of the 31st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Vol. 3, pp. 81-88, Jan 6-9, 1998, Kona, Hawaii.

We propose a new algorithm for unit commitment that employs a Lagrange relaxation technique with a new augmentation of the Lagrangian. The new aug- mentation involves a duplication of variables that al- lows relaxation of the coupling between generator time- spanning constraints and system-wide instantaneous constraints. This framework allows the possibility of committing units that are required for the VArs that they can produce, as well as for their real power. Furthermore, although the algorithm is very CPU- intensive, the separation structure of the Lagrangian allows its implementation in parallel computers. Our work builds upon that of Batut & Renaud, as well as that of Baldick.