A Web-Based Platform for Experimental Investigation of Electric Power Auctions

One-sided Markets for Energy | Gan, David | Murillo-Sánchez, Carlos | Thomas, Robert J. | Zimmerman, Ray D.
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R. Zimmerman, R. Thomas, D. Gan, C. Murillo-Sánchez
Decision Support Systems, Vol. 24, Nos. 3 & 4, January 1999, pp. 193-205.

This paper describes the architecture and uses of an Internet based software platform called PowerWeb. PowerWeb was designed and implemented as a simulation environment for evaluating various power exchange auction markets through experimental investigation. It is designed to host simulations of a competitive "day-ahead" electric energy market in which the participants interact by submitting bids or offers into a market via a web-based user interface. The PowerWeb environment is meant to be flexible so as to allow investigation of various market mechanisms. In this paper we describe its interactive, distributed and web-based character.