A Transient Stability Constrained Optimal Power Flow

Gan, David | Thomas, Robert J. | Zimmerman, Ray D. | Power Systems - Monitoring and Performance
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D. Gan, R. Thomas, R. Zimmerman
Presented at Bulk Power System Dynamics and Control IV - Restructuring, Aug 24-28, 1998 Santorini, Greece.

Stability is an important constraint in power system operation. Often trial and error heuristics are used that can be costly and imprecise. A new methodology that eliminates the need for repeated simulation to determine a transiently secure operating point is presented. The methodology involves a stability constrained Optimal Power Flow (OPF). The theoretical development is straightforward: swing equations are converted to numerically equivalent algebraic equations and then integrated into a standard OPF formulation. In this way standard nonlinear programming techniques can be applied to the problem.