An Internet-Based Platform for Testing Generation Scheduling Auctions

One-sided Markets for Energy | Gan, David | Murillo-Sánchez, Carlos | Thomas, Robert J. | Zimmerman, Ray D.
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R. Zimmerman, R. Thomas, D. Gan, C. Murillo-Sánchez
Proceedings of the 31st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Vol. 3, pp. 138-146, Jan 6-9, 1998, Kona, Hawaii.

This paper describes the uses and architecture of a network-centered computing-rich software platform called PowerWeb. PowerWeb was designed and built as a simulation environment for experimentally testing various power exchange auction markets through tournaments. It is designed to host simulations of a competitive "day-ahead" electric energy market in the context of a restructured electric power industry. The PowerWeb environment is meant to be flexible so as to accommodate different "rules of the game". In this paper we describe its interactive, distributed and webbased character.