Judith Cardell

Job Title Associate Professor
Department Computer Science, Smith College
Phone 413-585-4222
E-mail jcardell@smith.edu
Home page http://http://www.science.smith.edu/~jcardell/

Judith Cardell is an associate professor, with a joint appointment in the Picker Engineering Program and the Department of Computer Science. Her research interests lie in the analysis and design of complex technical systems. She is interested in the engineering aspects of supplying energy to society and the broader social context of meeting society’s energy needs in a sustainable and reliable manner.

Dr. Cardell works in two areas related to the electric power industry: one on the control and integration of distributed technologies into the existing electric power system and future, market driven system. Such technologies include small hydro-electric plants, wind turbines, solar energy systems, fuel cells, traditional gensets and solid-state transmission control technologies referred to as FACTS devices (flexible AC transmission system). The second area is that of industry deregulation and market design. Dr. Cardell studies power system and electricity market reliability and stability in response to these new technologies.

Before coming to Smith, Cardell worked at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and as a consultant to the power industry at TCA (part of Charles River Associates). She was involved in writing federal electricity policy that addressed many aspects of the deregulation of the electric power industry. She has provided expert testimony to the federal government analyzing the California energy crisis of 2000, and power system operations throughout the eastern United States.